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The world is changing. Work is changing. 

Organisations are changing. 

And so must Human Resources.

The future of HR is to become radically human and to embrace all the opportunities that are offered to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Being radically human does not mean becoming soft. It means that HR professionals return to the essence of their profession and that they use everything we know about how people function to design the context people need in order to thrive.

One of the reasons why strategies often fail is the lack of consideration for the human factor. It’s the job of HR professionals to make sure that this does not happen. If we want to succeed in our markets, we need to be more

people-oriented and turn back to the essence.

The HR Practice intends to become a community

and a dedicated space for strategic HR professionals,

to connect not only amongst themselves but also with the Solvay academia,

in what we see as mutually enriching learning exchanges 

during events, workshops, and training days.

The HR Practice has set itself 

a double mission

To forge a community of HR professionals and CEOs around the human side of organisations, to facilitate the development and exchange of cutting edge and hands-on solutions.


To set up a series of learning processes tailored to the needs of the HR community.


Member Profile

While all HR professionals are welcome to our training days, the Solvay HR Circle has been primarily set up with the following audiences in mind as full members:

 - Chief Human Resources Officer

 - Chief People Officer

 - Vice President HR

 - Regional / HR Business Partner

 - Strategic HR Expert

 - HR Business Partner in larger organisations

 - HR Manager of SMEs

 - Participation to 3 half-day workshops

 - Free participation to the annual Solvay People Strategy Day

 - Access to articles, presentations, white papers on HR strategy

 - Exclusive networking with HR professionals and academia

 - Participation in defining the content of the workshops in order to bring home tailored insights that will increase impact on your organisation

 - 10% discount for all training sessions of the Solvay HR Practice

The HR Circle is made for HR professionals and other business professionals who are keen on building people-centered organisations to increase effectiveness.

What is included in the HR Circle membership :


Your Benefits


  • Tap into cutting-edge information and exclusive content via workshops, events, articles & blogs
  • Learn different ways of looking at old and new problems
  • Have your ideas and approaches challenged and enriched by faculty and peers
  • Gain access to people and resources that can help you shape your HR strategy
  • New ways of learning to advance the people agenda in your organisation
  • Find answers to some of your strategic questions
  • Create value by driving the growth of your people as engaged, competent, and healthy employees 



  • Belong to an expanding network of HR leaders with an ambition to make a difference in their organisations and the profession
  • Access to fresh and useful content on HR and on how to deal with HR strategically and tactically
  • The chance to save time and accelerate your progress as an HR leader

Annual membership fee: €3,500

3-year membership fee: €10,000

HR Circle Membership Fee

As part of your annual membership in the HR Circle, it will be our pleasure to invite you to participate in one full day event and three half-day workshops and networking events. The upcoming dates in 2019-2020 are listed below. New topics for the next workshops will be proposed and confirmed during the roundtables with HR Circle members that conclude each workshop.

We aim for full open dialogue between faculty, researchers, and HR professionals so that we make sure to present insights and best practices in topic areas of actual current interest to HR Circle members and their organisations.

HR Circle Events

"HR Day" Kick-Off HR in A Changing World



HR Circle Workshop 1 

Inclusion & Diversity Management: Beyond the 'Nice to Have'

David Ducheyne

Claudia Toma

24 September 2019

HR Circle Workshop 2



Why HR Shouldn't Play Santa Claus: How to Leverage the Reward and Recognition Strategy

David Ducheyne

5 December 2019

HR Circle Workshop 3



The Culture Challenge: How We Can Build Leadership and Culture

David Ducheyne

March 2020

HR Circle Workshop 4



Learning Agility - The Skill of the Future

David Ducheyne

April 2020

Events and Workshops

Session 1



Retention Strategy: A Practical and Evidence-Based Approach

Cédric Velghe 

David Ducheyne 

21 June 2019

Session 2



HR Strategy: Crafting A Future Through People (Part 1 & 2)

Kurt Van Raemdonck

17 October 2019

7 November 2019

€750/day of HR training

10% discount for Circle members and 

non-members registered to all four training days

HR Training Fees

Membership in the HR Circle allows you to benefit from full HR training days that Solvay Executive Education organises within its HR Practice. The upcoming training sessions to which you can register are listed below, and are geared towards strategic HR executives and generalists, general managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs. 

Training Sessions


Your Trainers

With 25 years of experience in people strategy and leadership under his belt as CHRO, business leader, trainer and keynote speaker, David helps leaders and organisations grow and achieve their targets. Engaged, competent and healthy people make the difference. David also focuses on setting up platforms that help people connect and share experiences and ideas, and is co-founder and president of hrpro.be, the first national Belgian Association of HR Professionals.

David Ducheyne

Solvay HR Practice Leader

With a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Grenoble University, France, and postdoctoral studies and research at Columbia University and Université Catholique de Louvain, Claudia is part of the ULB-Solvay core faculty. She teaches courses in Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Management of Diversity and Multiculturality, and Negotiation Skills.

Her research interests lie in the field of judgment and decision making, more specifically investigating information processing in group decision-making, leadership judgment, and the management of diversity.

Claudia Toma

Professor of Social Psychology & Organisational Behaviour

Hermina obtained her Ph.D. in psychology from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, where she stayed on as a post-doctoral researcher for two years. Her thesis focused on emotions, personality and behavior in the workplace.

The research topics in which she specialises run the gamut from retirement, older employees, making ‘working longer’ more attractive, talent management to the new way of working, and motivation. She often teaches and delivers keynotes at KULeuven, UGent, UHasselt, HUB, and Solvay Executive Education.

Hermina Van Coillie

Senior Researcher (Securex HR Research), 

EMS Professor (EHSAL Management School)

Kurt capitalises on more than 15 years of experience as HR Director at the Belgian Ministry of the Interior, the Belgian Ministry of Finances, and Belgocontrol-Skeyes in his approaches to the strategy and transformation of organisations. In his work as a guest and keynote speaker, he provides a much welcome take on strategic HR policies and approaches in the public sector.

Kurt Van Raemdonck

HR Director, Skeyes

Cedric is co-founder and a key member of the R&D team and Ghent University spin-off VIGOR, focused on understanding, predicting and changing people's behavior at work. Through the lean collection, evaluation and integration of the best available scientific knowledge (reviews) and field data (analytics, field experiments), he and his team support executives and policy-makers in evidence-based decision-making, to help them to increase the success rate of their management decisions or policy-making.

He is equally involved in the development of innovative tools (e.g. psychometric tests, training protocols, serious games) to help businesses and organisations bring out the best in their people.

Cédric Velghe 

Co-founder & Managing Director (The VIGOR Unit), Entrepreneur in Residence (University of Gent)

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