Specialised Education for 

Data Protection Officers & GDPR Professionals

Data Protection and GDPR implementation professionals require extended knowledge and practice. 

We are delighted to give access to our Solvay Alumni and GDPR professionals to Specialised Education that both created and sustained the reputation of Solvay Brussels School in domains like Digital Transformation, Technology Implementation, Information Security, Risk Management, Compliance and Auditing, and much more.

The modules are delivered in 8 subsequent sessions plus an examination during evening classes. 

The following list of available modules are sorted by domains of knowledge. 

Select and register to the module that is related to your competences and needs.

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This module helps GDPR professionals in implementing the governance and the organisation for an adequate compliance. 

Module G2

"IT Governance Workshop"

Domain 1

Legal & Management Requirements

Master the assessment skills and adopt professional audit techniques while reviewing and improving Data Protection Controls. 

Empowering your risk management capabilities and bringing extended legal knowledge on various digital issues. 

Module A3 

"Building Expert Opinion"

Module G3 

"IT Risk & Legal Concerns"

Domain 2

Risk & Impact Assessment

Module M3

"IT Sourcing Management"

Data Protection depends on sourcing partners' capabilities and compliances. This module addresses the sourcing life cycle and essential controls necessary to succeed the two-way processor-controller relationship. 

Gain necessary knowledge in software applications and system constructions to ensure essential Data Protection through purchased and built software and web pages. 

Module M2 

"Applications Build & Management"

Module B2 

"Business Transformation"

GDPR professionals need to manage programmes while projecting and implementing change through digital transformation of a variety of processes and operations. 

Domain 3

Compliance Transformation

Security by design, Identity and Access Management, Cryptography, and Network Security are some of enablers for Data Protection and are key for building a Data Protection by design environment. Both the DPO and GDPR implementation manager require to understand and ensure Information security techniques are adequately put in place and verified. 

Information Security Management is a key success factor for GDPR implementation. The Chief Information Security Officer is a key partner to the DPO. This module addresses information security management system and the governance activities of information security. 

Module S2 

"IT Security Practices"

Module S1 

"Information Security Management"

Domain 4

Information Security & Privacy

Successful implementation of Data Protection involves building robust services that are necessary for compliance as well in responding to Data Subject requests, to handle Data breaches and to ensure adequate execution of various compliances processes. 

Module M1 

"IT Service & Run Management"

Module A2 

"Soft Skills for IT Professionals"

Running since 2005, this module has trained hundreds of compliance, digital professionals and Information security experts bringing to them the essential soft skills in communication, presentation and other methods that enable change management and stakeholders buying. This module extends your knowledge in all five domains of knowledge in GDPR. 

Domain 5

Operations & Breach Management

"The Education at Solvay Brussels School gave me the chance to open a new paradigm in my professional career. I would recommend to anyone interested in the challenge of a new DPO role.

The "Information Security Management" module is the core of the security management practices; it provides the major frameworks and bodies of knowledge, very useful in regards of GDPR Art32. The “IT Risk and Legal Concerns” module is fundamental for the DPO role.

The “Business Transformation” module enhances the skills for business transformation, change management and project/program management, definitively a solid and complete background for the DPO daily activities".


William De Angelis

DPO at la Compagnie Intercommunale Liégeoise des Eaux


"In addition to my DPO education at Solvay Brussels School, I was enrolled in the Executive Master in Information Security and Cybersecurity. It enables me to join the cyber security team of Deloitte Belgium and to integrate the International Privacy Professionnal Members of the firm. Moreover, I strongly believe that the synergie between those two tracks gave me enough confidence to engage more amongst both security and privacy experts.

I am glad to notice everyday that the knowledge acquired during the sessions help me constantly adressing accurately my client expectations".

Steve Ahouanmenou

Senior Consultant in Information Security and Privacy at Deloitte

"I recently completed my IT Management Education at Solvay Brussels School with the DPO education. Two specific IT Management Education modules have brought to my knowledge and expertise in Compliance, Governance, the G2-IT Governance workshop and in IT Risk the G3-IT Risk and legal concerns. 

These modules structures very well the approach to follow when facing major compliance transformation programs and fulfilling the need to have a methodology to the identify the gaps and in reaching defined protection targets which any DPO is facing in his day to day activities.”

Liviu Luca

ERP, Governance of IT, IT Audit and Information Security Consulting

"The GDPR DPO education from the Solvay Business School has given me a solid background to enable me to best deploy my organization on May 25th, 2018. The course was given by experts that highlighted the different aspects of the impact of the GDPR. The wide range of topics covered Information Security, GDPR articles, Marketing, Cross-Border information flows and more.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone needing to acquire practical insights, as it combines theory and practice on both the legal and operational needs for a successful implementation. The strong partnership between Solvay and the Privacy Commission gave me as a student the all-around view I expected."

Taco Mulder



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